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Is your food Intelligent, Dumb or Dead?

How To Make Food Your Medicine

We all appreciate the value of good nutrition.  I talk about food to my patients daily and often they tell me they’re eating a “good diet”.  But what’s a good diet?  Does it just mean eating more vegetables, fruits and whole grains?  If you buy only Certified Organic does that make it a “good diet”?  Certainly, that’s a good start.  But my first question to them is this:  Does your diet consist of mostly of Intelligent, Dumb or Dead food?

Typically, that question draws a blank stare.  We don’t often think of our food as being smart or dumb.  However, it turns out that out of all the Nutritional Science being offered today, this part is completely missing and it’s the most important part!

To really grasp the meaning of this concept we must understand the Ayurvedic explanation of Life.  Even though Ayurveda is over 5000 years old, the ancient physicians had a deep understanding of Nature.  They knew there was a vast world beyond our sensory experience that profoundly affects health.

Much like today’s Quantum Physics, they reported that the entire universe was made up of intelligent vibrations.  They called this vibrating intelligence Prana.  Prana is the intelligence of Nature that’s present in a blade of grass, a star, a planet, a tomato and of course, Us. 

We receive Prana from the environment through the water we drink, the food we eat and the air we breathe.  We also directly receive it through vibrationally sensitive points on our body called Marmas.

 Intelligent Food Contains All of Nature’s Healing Vibration

Intelligence is the first requirement of a “good diet”.  That means the food must be fresh and cooked in such a manner as not to destroy the delicate vibration of Life.  Always start with fresh ingredients whenever possible and don’t overcook.  Cook the veggies about 80% avoiding the “limp broccoli” effect.  Grains however, need to be completed cooked until soft.  Once the food as been cooked, it should be consumed within 4 to 6 hours before the Prana diminishes.

Intelligent food tastes better and leaves you feeling light and happy after eating.

 Dumb Food Contains Much Less Prana

After 4 to 6 hours the food has now become dumb.  Most of the Pranic intelligence is gone.  Frozen and canned food is dumb.  When we eat it, although it may please the taste buds it leaves us with no liveliness or joy.  Dumb food maintains the physical components such as proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals etc.  But the intelligence that originally organized those atoms and molecules into the form of an apple or a peach is gone.  Dumb food sort of just “fills the belly” as Vaidya Mishra used to say.  It’s impossible to avoid completely, but don’t make it your staple.

Dead Food Contains No Pranic Intelligence

 Anything made in laboratory or was never alive in the first place is Dead Food.  Ever eat a gummy bear or a skittle?  This is hardly food at all.  Not only does it not contain Intelligence, it disrupts the Intelligence of our delicate physiology.  Avoid this food altogether.

How Do You Know If the Food Is Intelligent?

A patient once asked me that question.  I responded that if I offer you a frozen peach and a fresh one, which would you choose?  Of course, she said the fresh one.  I asked why would you choose it?  She thought for a moment and said that’s simple.  It tastes good.  It feels good.  It makes me tingle when I eat it.  Just thinking about it makes me salivate.

I explained that if we put the 2 peaches in a machine to analyze their nutritional content, the machine would say they’re the same.  However, this machine (pointing at her body) determined there’s some difference between the fresh and frozen peach.  I said that’s because your machine’s alive and recognizes the life in the fresh peach. The dead machine can’t do that.

Another patient once challenged me by stating that a peach could be flash frozen in the orchard and shipped across the country to be reconstituted while maintaining all its original nutritional content.  I said you could flash freeze me and ship me across the country.  When I’m reconstituted all my protein, fat, carbs and minerals would still be there, but Doug would be gone.

Obviously, there’s a lot more to nutrition and proper diet that we could discuss.  However, the issue of Intelligent Food is quickly being overwhelmed by the desire for convenience.  It’s so easy today to “grab something quick” and move on.  However, just because we can doesn’t mean we should.  The consequences of eating a diet of mostly Dumb or Dead food can and will result in the accumulation of toxins and the disruption of intelligent function in the body.  In other words, over time it will result in disease.  Prevention is the key.

To Your Health,

Dr. Douglas Beech