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Recipes for Breakfast

Poha (Rice Flakes)

by Prabha Thomas
Vaidya Mishra introduced me to this dish many years ago.  Poha are flakes of rice that have been steamed off the rice kernel.  This dish combines spice, vegetables and paneer to make a light and nutritious breakfast.  This is Prabha's rendition of one of Vaidya's favorites.

SV Ayurveda Breakfast Paneer

by Douglas Beech, DC
This is a recipe that Vaidya Mishra and I created because we felt we getting enough protein in the morning.  It's very tasty!

Breakfast Apples or Pears Stewed

by Douglas Beech, DC
We prescribe this recipe for all of our patients.  Have it early in the morning when you first wake up. It's designed to provide nourishment without overwhelming the digestive fire.

Spiced Masala Chai

by Douglas Beech, DC
This is basically the same recipe we use for milk tea added.  The trick however, is the order in which you add the spices, tea and milk.

30 Minute Lunch and Breakfast Cooking For The Serious Patient

by Douglas Beech, DC

30 Minute Lunch and Breakfast Cooking For The Serious Patient

The trick to doing this in 30 minutes in the morning is to properly prep the night before. With a little thought and preparation, you can have a wonderful breakfast and a perfect Ayurvedic lunch in 30 minutes or less (including clean up and even guys can do it!)

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