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Ayurvedic Knowledge

Introduction To Ayurveda - Common Market 10-25-2022

by Douglas Beech, DC
On October 25, 2022 Dr. Beech gave a presentation about Ayurveda at the Common Market in Frederick Maryland.  Dr. Beech discussed the history and o...

Shaka Vansiya Diet and Routine

by Douglas Beech, DC
SHAKA VANSYA AYURVEDA Routine and Dietary Instructions   Dear Patient, Thank you for your interest in Ayurveda and your dedication to health.  Die...

Authenticity Of Prabahva Products

by Douglas Beech, DC
Some of you have been asking if our products are “Vaidya Mishra” products. Clearly, no one’s products are made by Vaidya Mishra anymore.  Also, ou...

How To Use Respiratory Support Cream

by Douglas Beech, DC
Dr. Beech describes the mechanism by which we become susceptible to colds and steps to take to prevent infection including the use of a SVA Ayurvedic product called Respiratory Support Cough Transdermal Cream (formerly known as Cough and Colc). Also, a patient of Dr. Beech gives a testimonial about her experience with the product.

Why Herbal Therapy Sometimes Doesn't Work

by Douglas Beech, DC
Dr. Beech explains the intimate connection between our diet, our digestion and our ability of our physiology to recognize and utilize herbal preparations. He explains why Ayurveda says "Without proper diet medicine is of little use"

Why Do I Feel Heavy After Meals?

by Douglas Beech, DC
Many patients feel heaviness after eating. Dr. Beech explains why that is occurring and how to fix it.

What's My Ayurvedic Body Type & How Important Is It?

by Douglas Beech, DC
Dr. Beech discusses Ayurvedic Body Typing and misconceptions about using it for treatment purposes.

Targeted Treatment Through Ayuvedic Pulse Diagnosis

by Douglas Beech, DC
Most treatment today centers around symptoms. Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis is a unique ancient method that gives the Doctor the ability to ascertain specific imbalances creating the symptom or disease. As a result, the treatment protocol can focus on the etiological factors creating the disease rather than the symptoms alone.

Probiotics - An Essential Key to Health

by Douglas Beech, DC
Dr. Beech explains in detail why probiotics are vital to our good health. He describes what the probiotics do in the body, and what are the best sources for intelligent bacteria.

How To Make Food Your Medicine

by Douglas Beech, DC
Dr. Beech explains why we must have good food to be healthy. He describes that our Western Nutrition leaves out the most important aspect of a healthy diet and that this component is essential for the body to function optimally.

Ayurveda Is Vibrational Medicine

by Douglas Beech, DC
The Ayurveda that Dr. Beech practices comes from an ancient lineage called Shaka Vansya. This lineage emphasizing not only the physical properties called Doshas in Ayurveda, but also the underlying vibrational intelligence called Prana.

Nature's Clock

by Douglas Beech, DC
Ayurveda contains deep knowlege of how to time our daily routine with the intelligence rhythms of Nature.  They call it Dinacharya, Dr. Beech calls it Nature's Clock.  In this video he describes the best time to sleep, eat, exercise and how we can maintain health by cooperating with the eternal rhythms of Nature.

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