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How I Stopped My Sneezing & Watery Eyes In Minutes Without Antihistamines

by Douglas Beech, DC

The weather in Maryland this weekend is beautiful.  Cool crisp nights with today’s high in the low 70’s.  So, last night I turned on our whole house attic fan and pulled in all that crisp cool air.  Unfortunately, I also pulled in tons of pollen from all the flowers in my wife’s garden (she loves her flowers!).

This morning I woke up to a scratchy throat, completely clogged sinuses, watery eyes and non-stop sneezing.  Did I immediately reach for my bottle of Antihistamines – NO!  I have an easier, healthier, and quicker solution with no toxic side effects.

How to Breathe Easy Despite Spring Allergies.

by Douglas Beech, DC

So, most of us are at home social distancing and being with our Families.  Spring is a beautiful time to be home and enjoy the beauty of Nature in full bloom.  But to some folks this is the dreaded allergy season.  A time of miserable sneezing, coughing and wheezing from the Pollen released by those gorgeous blossoms.

What can you do?  Antihistamines can help the symptoms in the short term, but with uncomfortable side effects.  Also, they work by blocking your body’s natural allergic response.  Symptoms are our body’s way of telling us something’s wrong and to fix what’s broken.  Merely blocking the symptomatic response without addressing the underlying problem is like cutting the wires to the fire alarm.

For Spring allergies, that means to naturally improve the respiratory system’s ability to cope up with the onslaught of exogenous proteins while calming down the already over reactive immune response.

How Antioxidants Support Lung Health in the Elderly

by Douglas Beech, DC
Plus My Top 11 Ayurvedic Formulas For Lung Immunity. With the Coronavirus Pandemic we’ve all heard that the elderly population is at greater risk ...

Is your food Intelligent, Dumb or Dead?

by Douglas Beech, DC
We all appreciate the value of good nutrition.  I talk about food to my patients daily and often they tell me they’re eating a “good diet”.  But what’s a good diet?  Does it just mean eating more vegetables, fruits and whole grains?  If you buy only Certified Organic does that make it a “good diet”?  Certainly, that’s a good start.  But my first question to them is this:  Does your diet consist of mostly of Intelligent, Dumb or Dead food?

9 Easy Tips to Boost Energy Without Consuming More Caffeine

by Douglas Beech, DC
Low energy is the 2nd most common complaint I hear in my office daily next to neck and back pain.  Like all problems, there can be various causes of Fatigue.  However, many times energy can be increased by taking just a few simple measures that don’t involve artificially stimulating your system with more caffeine.

The Truth About Turmeric

by Douglas Beech, DC

What The Nutritional Companies Won’t Tell You and Don’t Want You To Know!

As a Chiropractor and Ayurvedic Physician, I see patients everyday who ask me nutritional questions.  Often the subject of Turmeric comes up because it has so many wonderful effects.  It’s really Nature’s “Super Spice” as coined in the title of the book by Surya Kant.

If you read about Turmeric on the internet, you’ll find a lot of information about its health benefits.  But there’s more to the story that the nutritional companies don’t tell you.

Too Much Computer Or Cell Phone Time Leave You Spacey & Tired?

by Douglas Beech, DC

10 Easy Ways to Prevent Electronic Fatigue

The benefits of modern technology are self-evident.  We lead lives today that even Royalty of past ages would envy.  However, with all its perks, much of our technology creates a subtle invisible type of toxin that can affect our energy, focus and even weaken our digestion and immunity.

Have you ever worked long hours on any electronic device and felt mentally exhausted yet hyped up at the same time?  Have you had trouble falling asleep after a few hours of TV or have a feeling tingling or crawling sensation in the hands, feet or anywhere in the body without any known cause?  These and many other symptoms are potential signs of over exposure to EMF (electromagnetic fields).

This is a big topic and one that I may elaborate more details about in a future online Webinar.  However, in this article I want to touch on the main points of EMF overexposure and give you some techniques for protecting yourself and your family.

Despite What Dr Oz Says, You Should Eat Breakfast And Here's Why!

by Douglas Beech, DC

Recently I saw Dr. Oz on a TV show proposing that we skip breakfast and not have our first meal of the day until 11 AM.  He explained that this intermittent fasting of around 16 to 18 hours will boost metabolism and burn off excess fat.

He’s right.  Not eating will increase the metabolic fire and will cause the body to burn fat.  However, you must first ask yourself one simple question:

How To Stay Healthy In Spite Of Winter Cold & Flu Season

by Douglas Beech, DC

It happens every year, the cold and flu season hits.  Have you ever wondered why colds and flu are more likely to occur in the winter than any other time of the year?

There are a lot of reasons but first I want to frame the discussion with a simple fact:

No matter what kind of infection, there are always 2 components that must be present.

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