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SV Ayurvedic Protocols

The Transdermal Marma System - A Detailed Introduction

by Douglas Beech, DC
The Transdermal Marma System or TMS is one of the hallmarks of Shaka Vansya Ayurveda and a great gift from Vaidya Mishra.  In this video, Dr. Beech teaches the fundamentals of TMS, how it works, basic Marma Points and several protocols for common Transdermal Creams.

Home Marma Therapy Instructions

by Douglas Beech, DC

This video by Dr. Beech goes over the basic instructions of Home Marma Therapy using DGL and other transdermal creams.


Samadhi Set

by Douglas Beech, DC
Samadhi Set is a protocol developed by Vaidya Mishra that connects the heart and mind. It is useful for emotional support when depressed or grieving.  It also can be used as a preparation for Meditation or Prayer.

Ayurvedic Massage

by Douglas Beech, DC
In this video Dr. Beech describes 3 types of Ayurvedic Massages: Abhyanga, Garshana and Vibrational Massage to clean EMF from the the Nadis.
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