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Recipes for Probiotics

Yogurt Raita with Spices and Cucumber

by Prabha Thomas
Yogurt raita is a wonderful yogurt sauce with spices.  Prabha makes the best I've ever eaten.  You'll enjoy this one!

Dairy Free Coconut Probiotic

by Douglas Beech, DC
This probiotic recipe from Coconut should only be used in the Summer.

Ayurvedic Buttermilk From Yogurt

by Prabha Thomas

Why Buttermilk:

First of all this is very different from what we call buttermilk in the west. This recipe is often used to restore the beneficial bacteria - a unique and difficult task. It is very good for assimilation and provides an excellent source of crucial digestive microbes.

Yogurt Recipe

by Prabha Thomas
Yogurt is a great source of protein and if made fresh it is also the best probiotic.  However, all curds including Yogurt should only be eaten at lunch when the digestive fire is strong.  Otherwise it can clog the channels and create toxins.
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