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Prabha Thomas

Originally from India, Prabha has lived in the United States since the mid 1980's.  Growing up in the mountains of Kerala she developed a love of the plants and herbs of South India.  When she met Vaidya Mishra in 2007 she felt the connection they both had with the forests, trees and herbs of home.

Prabha became an integral part of her Husband's Ayurvedic practice by offering guidance and instructions to their patients about food, spices, cooking and the use of Vaidya's formulations.  Prabha is the supreme organizer who keeps their business running smoothing and efficiently.  Patients rely on her for appointments, product orders, recipes, cooking advice and all things Ayurvedic.  

She is excited to apply these skills and the knowledge gained from Vaidya Mishra to Prabhava Herbals.