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Recipes For Protein

Green Protein Superfood

by Prabha Thomas
Here is our recipe for Green Protein.  This dish is the most valuable recipe that we prescribe to our patients.  It is very simple to make, but takes some practice to get it right. Also, we have a video that shows how to make it: Green Protein Super Food.

Paneer Recipe

by Prabha Thomas
Paneer is a cheese made from milk.  It is very simple to make and is considered one of the easiest proteins to digest.  It can be sauteed with spices or made into Green Protein.  Either way it's light and delicious.

Ayurvedic Milk Recipe

by Douglas Beech, DC
In Ayurveda, Milk is considered one of the most important foods because it is full of the cooling nurturing Lunar energy called Soma.  It is excellent for bones, the brain and immunity.  However, milk has bad "rap" because when it isn't prepared correctly it is too heavy to digests resulting in digestive complaints.  This recipe corrects for the richness of milk by adding spices to support the digestion.

Paneer - The Most Intelligent Protein

by Douglas Beech, DC
Paneer is a fresh cheese made from milk that is very easy to digest and considered to be one of the best forms of protein.  In this video we teach you how to make paneer at home in just a few minutes.

How To Make Homemade Yogurt

by Douglas Beech, DC
Fresh homemade yogurt is the best source of probiotics.  Dr. Beech and his wife Prabha show you how to make delicious nutritious yogurt using Natren Yogurt Starter.

Green Protein - Super Food

by Prabha Thomas
This is our favorite recipe for alkalizing the channels and reducing the acidity. Dr. Beech briefly explains the science behind Green Protein and then Prabha demonstrates how easy it is to make.
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