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Recipes For Specific Conditions

Therapeutic Pomegranate Juice for Diarrhea

by Douglas Beech, DC
Pomegranate helps absorption. As such it is useful for diarrhea or frequent bowel movements.

Herbal Recipe for Colds and Flu

by Douglas Beech, DC
During one our patient encounters, Vaidya Mishra designed this recipe for a patient who had a terrible flu with a lot of congestion.  I have used it myself and it works wonders.

Poppy Seed Chutney for Insomnia

by Douglas Beech, DC

This is one of the first recipes Vaidya Mishra taught me for insomnia.  It is unique because:

  1. Powerful aid to sleep by balancing both Pitta and Vata (rare effect)
  2. Pacifies Vata, especially in the mind (Prana)
  3. Pacifies Pitta in the heart and mind (Sadhaka)
  4. These are the two most likely to interfere with good quality sleep

Energy Boosting Chai

by Douglas Beech, DC
A Chai recipe containing herbs to open the channels, reduce inflammation and improve the digestive fires.

Re-hydration Water Recipe

by Douglas Beech, DC

Sometimes we can become dehydrated.  This recipe will improve the absorption of water as well as bind acidic toxins in the blood and remove them through the urinary channels.  It is better to sip the water slowly to allow better absorption.


Ojas Increasing Date Milk Shake

by Douglas Beech, DC
Excellent recipe to increase Ojas when the tissue are depleted or weight gain is desired.

Milk For Upper Respiratory Infections

by Douglas Beech, DC
This recipe combines several ingredients with the immune supportive qualities of milk to use when you have a cold or flu.

Chai for Upper Respiratory Infections

by Douglas Beech, DC
We call this recipe "sicky chai".  When you have a cold or flu it supports the immune system and reduces mucous.

Chicken Bone Marrow Soup

by Douglas Beech, DC
We use this recipe when when the digestive fire of liver is not good. It also helps the Bone Marrow convert to health Reproductive Tissue and Ojas.

Almond Milk For Sleep

by Douglas Beech, DC

Fresh Almond Milk helps to increase Soma and Ojas in the body. This is a wonderful support for sleep at night. Drink 45 minutes before bed.

Recipe to Strengthen Fat and Bone

by Douglas Beech, DC

This is a recipe that Vaidya Mishra and I designed to help our patients who suffered from problems with Fat and Bone metabolism.  In Ayurvedic physiology, the fat tissue feeds the bone tissue.  This recipes cleans and opens the fat channels to supply the bone with healthy nutrition.

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