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Why Our Chyawanprash differs from Vaidya Mishra's Original Formula


Chyawanprash Herbal Jam

Recently we’ve received some questions about our product Chyawanprash.  The questions relate to certain ingredients that Vaidya removed from the current version.  One person was concerned about Arjuna herb and wanted to know why it was removed since it was so beneficial to Cardiac function.  I thought that others may have the same questions and therefore I decided to write this article.

All of our products were formulated by my Ayurvedic teacher Vaidya Mishra. Vaidya was always tweaking his formulas to improve their effectiveness based on his clinical experience with patients.  He often told me that the Western diet and lifestyle of high stress, not enough sleep etc. was creating a lot of our modern diseases.  Thus, he used his scholarly knowledge of herbs and practical experience from his 5000-year-old Ayurvedic family lineage to create remarkable formulas.

So, the question came up about why Vaidya made changes to Chyawanprash.  I contacted Vaidya’s Family in India through Jaia Ram.  Jaia is a key member of the Mishra Family here in the US and like us provides SVAFF products through her company Ayurvedic Resources.  Through her we received this response from India.  Thank you, Jaia and the Mishra Family:

While Vaidya made his formulations with ease from his vast knowledge, he did not take lightly the need to make changes that support the modern physiologies that he treated. He noticed the new strains that were being put on the heart from poor diet, less physical activity, poor routine, and poor sleeping habits. As he put together this specific formulation, he considered everything from its ability to help restore the heart- to rejuvenate and repair, to improve circulation and remove toxins, as well as the need to do this in a simple, easy to incorporate method. This version of Chyawanprash was adapted to include benefits that not only support the heart and physical body, but also work to repair damage done to the emotional and spiritual heart connections. 

Arjuna is most used as a cardioprotective and cardiotonic in angina and poor coronary circulation. 

Each of the following ingredients has heart benefits as listed as well as other benefits:

  • Amalaki- helps to regulate and decrease high cholesterol levels, decreases LDL, and decreases phospholipids; it promotes intelligence and supports conditions of atherosclerosis.
  • Arani Bark- a cardiac stimulant that raises the force of the heartbeat without raising frequency.
  • Bilva Fruit- is a heart rate inhibitor that supports the heart through normal palpitations.
  • Guduchi- works as a hypotensive to support proper and balanced blood flow and helps to regulate the blood pressure through daily fluctuations.
  • Bhumi Amla- protects against adriamycin-induced lipid peroxidation the heart and liver.
  • Jeevanthi- regulates and strengthens heart palpitations, controls and supports blood pressure related issues (specifically regarding syncope and vertigo)
  • Pushkarmool- hypotensive, beta-blocking, restorative and preventative uses specifically relating to myocardial ischemia.
  • Punarnava- promotes the health and quality of blood and blood cells.
  • Lotus- regulates heart palpitations, increases and balances the connection to the spiritual and emotional heart.
  • Ashwagandha- decreases stress to the heart and body, sometimes used as a restorative for conditions such as bradycardia, promotes an increase with heart and body connections (including stamina and vigor)
  • Varahikand Tuber- while mostly used as a liver protectant, it extends some support to the heart by regulating and binding to toxins that can lead to atherosclerosis or cardiac arrhythmia.
  • Shankhapushpi- opens the channels throughout the body- for the heart specifically, this works to gradually remove toxin buildup in the valves and ventricles.
  • Bara Gokhru- regulates vessel dilation and flow creating stronger and more efficient blood flow through the heart.
  • Betel Leaf- anti-hypertensive which specifically supports the heart with changes due to long-standing issues with high blood pressure as well as cardiac issues such as damage to the myocardium.
  • Akarkara Root- regulates and restores healthy blood pressure.

Ultimately, each of these promotes all the qualities of Arjuna while also providing other support throughout the body. Adding Arjuna alongside these herbs would have provided an excess which could create an imbalance- which could be harmful to people with heart conditions (specifically those whose hearts are damaged from excessive strain or struggling to beat). 

Chyawanprash is a complex formula of 52 ingredients.  As you can see above each ingredient has several effects which have to be accounted for to achieve the overall goal of the formula without creating unwanted side effects.  Vaidya modified this formula to make it safer to use while maintaining its effectiveness. 

I hope this helps clarify any confusion about the product.


Dr. Beech